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Pura d’or Hair Loss Organic Shampoo Review By Edwin Diaz

pura d'or shampoo review imagePura d’or Hair Loss Organic Shampoo Review

By Edwin Diaz

I finally took the time to write a review about this organic hair loss shampoo that everyone is talking about.

First let me say that for people looking to get results from something over the counter then this is a good option. But if you really want more natural permanent results visit my page where I share what helped me for good.

The Pura d’or Hair Loss Organic Shampoo has many great reviews by other people all over the place some people even call this pura hair loss shampoo or even pura dor but they are all the same.

As everyone know I recommend to get your hands on the hair loss book that helped me stop my hair loss before using any other treatments, but this is a great addition to the program. I believe that to truly stop hair loss you need some type of knowledge and experience that is why I recommend the Hair loss program First. Please forgive my grammar this is my first pura d’or shampoo reviews article I make so far.


Anyways, the hair loss shampoo Pura d’or was recommended to me by one of my website subscribers who had a great success on stopping his hair loss problems with the hair loss program and this hair loss shampoo. After he recommended the Pura d’or hair loss shampoo to me I decided to try it. I have not been losing any hair but sometimes it gets kind of annoying making some home remedies at home and I live a very hectic and busy life so sometimes I don’t have the time or I forget to make my homemade hair loss shampoo that I always do with Aloe Vera.

Below I will describe my results by weeks for the Pura d’or Hair Loss Shampoo

Pura d’or hair Loss Shampoo (AKA ) pura hair loss shampoo- Week 1

I noticed my hair started getting some volume and a little more shine to it so that felt good. Because I stopped losing hair for over some time now I did not notice a significant improvement in that area.

 Pura d’or hair Loss Shampoo Week 2

On the first week I started seeing some pretty good results. My hair felt way stronger than before so for some reason the Pura d’or hair Loss Shampoo strengthens your hair follicles which is good.

Pura d’or hair Loss Shampoo Week 3

Another thing I started noticing was that my hair was getting longer faster and I liked that very much. For those of you that have stopped your hair loss with the book I recommend on my home and just have thinning issues, this will also help you. You can view more pura hair loss reviews or buy for a good price at

The Pura d’or hair Loss Shampoo has many vitamins that really assist in hair loss and in thinning hair. It also has natural DHT blockers.In conclusion , You cannot go wrong by adding this to your hair loss or hair thinning treatment cabinet.I hope you liked this review I made about Pura d’or Hair Loss Organic Shampoo

Until Next time your friend Edwin Diaz


2013 UPDATE  ……………….


Pura D’or Shampoo Hair Loss Prevention Or Should I Say Grey Hair Prevention?

It’s been like 3 months since I made this pura d’or shampoo review and still getting results but I did not know that besides hair loss pura dor was also good for grey hair. How did I find out about the grey hair thing ? well people started actually telling me that my hair looked darker and I had many grey hairs and now almost gone.

My hair was also really dry and now soft as silk in unreal, I know for sure this one of the best hair restoration shampoos for 2012 and 2013 so far.

I decided To Look Deeper Into The Mayor Ingredients Of Pura D’or and This What I Found Out?

because I have been so much success with hair loss and grey hair I was curious about the ingredients so I started doing my research about and this what I found. Oh and I also want to point out that

Main Ingredients that makes pura dor one of the best hair restorations shampoos in the market

  • Argan oil
  • Biotin
  • Saw palmetto
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Zinc
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin E

Now in my opinion the premium Argan oil and Rosemary oil are the core for the hair loss and the rest help but mainly assist in the whole hair restoration from color to feel. Another thing I wanted mention is that this shampoo is for both men and women with many different hair types. During my research I found out that all kinds of people are having really good results, yellow, white and black so no worries here :) .

My Instructions On How I Apply Pura D’or Shampoo

I gently wash my hair with head and shoulders first and I make sure that it’s really clean . Sometimes I wash twice with head shoulders just to make sure it’s ready then I apply pura dor by massaging into scalp for 2 minutes. Then after massaging I leave on for 10 minutes so that it could do it’s job all the way. I mostly wash my hair like 5 times a week and sometimes more depending on what I do on the week like exercise and among other things.

  1. Head and Shoulders
  2. Apply Pura D’or’
  3. Massage For 2 minutes
  4. Leave On For 10 minutes
  5. Dry Really Good

I hope this helps some of you out there and please don’t be shy share this page and make your comments below or like this page to the left of your screen by pushing those icons :).






    PIECE ……..

  2. I’m curious now that you have used both Pura d’or and Ultrax Labs Hair Surge if I was going to buy one which would you recommend? It appears they both work to some extent, does one work better than the other or does one have added bonuses the other does not have? Keeping in mind it seems with Pura d’or you pay less and get a much larger bottle. Thanks!

    • Ultrax seems to work faster,,,, I use both since I think our bodies become immune in a way to the same treatment all the time. So Every month I alternate between pura dor shamppo and ultrax labs. That is just me

  3. Hey Ed does this pura d’or shampoo really works?

  4. I just bought me the book you recommend at and it’s long,, do you have a routine you follow or can you help me find the best remedy that helped you Edwin?

  5. Hey Edwin what was that hair loss program you talk about around the fourth paragraph?

  6. Hi Ed, Pua D’or shampoo sounds good. You recommended to use head & shoulders once or twice before applying Pua D’or but isn’t head & shoulders shampoo bad for hair and scalp because it has the ingredients Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate ?

    • I’m just telling you guys how I use it , you can use it with anything, just make sure you clean your scalp with something before applying. I usually prep my scalp before i apply any hair loss shampoo and I found out that pura d’or works better like that.

      • Does The Shampoo Really Work ??

        And I Wanna Know Your Thoughts Of The “Rengepure Shampoo” ?

        • “Regenepure Shampoo”

        • Mario The Regenepure Shampoo is hair and scalp treatment that focuses on fighting fungus and dandruff and works by repairing your hair hair rather than preventing hair loss but it does have some properties that that do fight the DHT so it should work for hair loss but it is not intended for that use only.

          I heard some good things from Regenepure but nothing like the pura d’or shampoo or the ultrax labs for now but it’s worth a deeper look into it.

      • Edwin I Just Bought The Shampoo :D
        Hopefully It Goes Good …

        I Was Just Wondering What Are Others Home Remedies I Can Use ?

        Or What To Eat To Regrow Your Hair ?

        • I think it will work for you , just please post back and let us know if pura d’or worked for you too.

          I Was Just Wondering What Are Others Home …

          What did you mean by this ?

  7. is it me or this new site is kinda confusin imean icant see where people exchange comments abt hair lose

  8. Edwin…..what is your regimen and this book also?
    Does it work for women too, or just men?

    • The book that always I recommend Before applying Pura Dor Shampoo it’s just an information book- It’s a hair loss home remedy book and it’s the most complete one I have seen so far, plus some of the remedies there are responsible for helping many of us.

      But if you don’t have time to read and apply new home made hair loss treatments just use Pura d’or hair loss shampoo it will work depending on you hair loss.

      PS:Men and Women can use it and I will send my regimen by email as it is a little large for this comment section

  9. Hi Edwin, I noticed that you sent your own regime to one of your members.
    I was wandering if you could pass that on to me. I also bought the book and have just started but I need some more supplies. God Bless

  10. Armando leos says:

    K tal?hermano Edwin mira hace mucho me mandaste tu régimen lo cual en accidente lo borre si compre tu libro use el vodka cebolla y miel pero no recuerdo lo de mas!mira k estoy perdiendo mi cabello en la coronilla y en frente las entradas Edwin disculpa pero no entiendo al principio de tus video dijiste que revita era el mejor y aora es otro cual de los dos uso?porfavor hermano alluda

  11. hi, i’m kinda new to this, the shampoo sounds great but i’m a bit scared to use it it sounds to confusing to fit into a hair regimen plus with all the other natrual ingrediants and stuff will it upset the overall treatment, or have side effects help me out here edwin

  12. Hi, Edwin.

    Looks like you’ve had some really great results! I bought the eBook. What was your regimen? What exactly did you do? This information would be greatly appreciated. I’m 26 with a receding hairline.

  13. Saad Khan says:

    Can you buy this in stores or do I have to order it online? I checked a couple of places and they don’t have this shampoo there…

  14. this shampoo work for receding hairline too?

  15. Hey edwin im 28 yrs old and i have thinning hair on the crown n receding hairline canunsend me ur regimen so i can start.what do u think about saw palmetto extract for hairloss.ive tried some stuff from dominican republic but not working please help

    • First of all ! welcome….Saw palmetto sucks and it does help at all with hair loss. I tried it for many months and NOTHING, so don’t waste your time. By the way saw palmetto will help your prostate by reducing it’s size if it is enlarged

  16. Hey man, with this shampoo.. Should I use it everyday? Massage into hair?

    Thanks, Wryan

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