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Focus today and don’t miss your target

​Focus today and don’t miss your target, and I mean goals if you have them. Your body will fight you in the morning not letting you wake up early but don’t let it. Some of you will get frustrated, tired, sick, annoyed with your day. The reason​ for some You are getting out of comfort zone and your body will complain. Can you believe this? Our bodies will even get us sick because it does not like us to make

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Why we are so blessed…..

We woke this morning breathing and alive!!!! If any of these apply to you, you are blessed….. I can see I can walk I can talk I am healthy I have energy I have a computer I have a phone I have a car I have somebody that loves me I love somebody I’m pretty sure you can add more things to this list. Be grateful for the things you have today and don’t take them for granted. Edwin Diaz

Why you need to focus in one thing at a time….

Hi my friend I hope you will enjoy today and do something productive with your time. Some advices Have discipline in order to finish your task today. Write down your goals for the day. Only think about the specific task at hand If you are studying, study, don’t do anything else until you finish. If you are eating don’t think about work or other things, enjoy your food. If you are spending time with family, spend time with them, physically and mentally; don’t think

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What are you waiting for?

Procrastination is biggest problem I had and it pulled me down to deepest hole you can imagine. Just take action right now and do what is uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable. You can do this, you cam do anything if you really want to. Everybody started without knowing anything and this is just the way it is. Take action and make today be the best productive day ever. why not? try to give your 100% and see what happens. Edwin Diaz

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About Me

My name is Edwin Diaz, I'm a web developer, instructor, and entrepreneur. I did not choose any of this 🤔 It was all an accident, cause I wanted to be an inventor and scientist 😎 I guess in away, I'm qualified to be called a creator 😉

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