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What the heck happened to my life?

Have you asked yourself, what the heck happened to my life?  Between work, friends, love, study, hobbies, health issues, kids, problems, jobs, money, our schedule is crazy busy. Life was simple when we were babies, right? Everything was given to us, all we had to do was cry and they fed us, changed our diapers or they made funny jokes to make us laugh. Now we cry and we don’t get anything at all, of course, this is hypothetically speaking, I’m

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Your mind is the center of your world

The Mind Let’s start with the most important (YOUR MIND). You heard me correctly! The most important part of you is your mind. When I changed the way I thought about things my life changed for ever, but the issue is, the outside surroundings can interfere with our thinking and pull us back into sleep mode. Do you know why you feel the way you do? Because of the stuff, you think about. Think about it! When you feel down

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Take advantage of your time because is limited

I hope you are having a great day with family and friends, and if you are not, that is ok as long as you are happy. My Advice to you all. If you are with family, enjoy them. If you are in the computer, take advantage of your time and learn, If you are watching tv, don’t do it excessively, wasting precious time you could be using to advance yourself or family. Be happy, since others are in worst situations

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Get motivated to learn and finish what you start….

I know how it is, we get busy and unmotivated after a couple days, weeks or months. Stop the pattern……. Finish the course and don’t skip anything until you finish it 100%. These are some of the benefits finishing this any course could bring you. More skills More determination A better job More income More energy for other things More confidence Whatever your reasons were for starting this course, write them down by your desk and always refer to them to get motivated.

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My name is Edwin Diaz, I'm a web developer, instructor, and entrepreneur. I did not choose any of this 🤔 It was all an accident, cause I wanted to be an inventor and scientist 😎 I guess in away, I'm qualified to be called a creator 😉

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